A Continuation – Onward

It has been almost seven years since I last posted any content at my old blog. My old blog site, and domain, ImprovedClinch dot com, has been taken over by sellers of porn, so I will not be posting there. From time to time I will probably repost some of my older writings, which one can still get at via the Internet’s Wayback Machine. The Wayback Machine also retains some of my first Blogspot home posts, though not the earliest posts from 2001, when I first got into this business of putting thoughts out there on the internet.

The title for this new endeavor, Free Men Free Minds, is an amalgamation inspired by two men. Lynn Harold Hough, whose book Free Men I highly recommend, and one of America’s founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, whose quote in the header I take rather seriously.

The flag displayed in the upper left of the header is also an amalgamation. It’s known as a Liberty Pole. I was unaware of the Liberty Pole’s role in our own American history until just recently, and it appealed to me because it incorporates ancient Roman history. Specifically, that red cap at the top of the Liberty Pole. It is known as the Phrygian cap, which also has ties to the Roman pileus. If you’re interested, you can read about the Phyrgian cap, and its function as a symbol of liberty, here. The Liberty Pole itself is a symbol of self-rule and freedom from tyranny. Unfortunately, Americans’ ability to self-rule is under tyrannical attack, and in my mind the only way to defeat the attackers is to free your mind from governmental control, so that we can be free men.

As a man I admire and highly respect would say: Onward.

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