Institutional Propaganda

While one can find numerous definitions of propaganda on the internet, it is rather more difficult to locate a definitive definition of institutional propaganda. Utilizing the Bing search engine, and typing in “definition of institutional propaganda” leads to this list of possibles, which isn’t much. And while this definition of institutional propaganda; It is present whenever a group or organization sends pre-defined messages or delivers public campaigns with the aim of changing or influencing mentalities or attitudes about a particular subject.; is somewhat helpful, it does not adequately address the insidiousness of propaganda when it has become institutionalized.

America has become so institutionally propagandized, that one can click through the morning, noon, and night¬†news propaganda¬†programs and hardly miss a beat, as the pre-defined messages are so tightly scripted, and the teevee personalities so tightly controlled, that deviations in the news propaganda are not possible, or grounds for immediate dismissal. Even alleged representatives of the people in Congress are participants in the endeavor to legitimize the institutional propaganda Americans are daily bombarded with. It’s sickening.

If you are consuming this institutional propaganda, in the hope of obtaining some guidance as to what is truthfully happening here in America, or the world for that matter, even if you are rather immune to the institutional propaganda, you are not only being subtly misdirected, you are being demoralized and distracted from the most important daily task you have. Living as a free man with a free mind.

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