Obliterate it All President Trump

There is only one man in political office in Washington D.C. who is a representative of We the People of the United States of America. That man is President Donald J. Trump. Every other man or woman serving in the House or the Senate in Washington DC lacks the principles required to fulfill their oaths to uphold and defend The Constitution of the United States and its Bill of Rights. In fact, each and every congressman or woman, and each and every senator serving, seem to be continually striving to erode the remaining vestiges of freedom Americans retain.

This past election, which remains under contention, and should due to the enormous irregularities in legal votes versus illegal votes, only highlights each and every congressman and woman’s, along with every serving senators’, total disregard for We the People.

I say that if Joe Biden is electorally, and thus falsely, certified as POTUS, President Trump, prior to leaving office, should obliterate the entire swamp that is Washington D.C. with the same benevolence with which Francisco d’Anconia¬†performed his work in “that woman’s” novel¬†Atlas Shrugged. It would be an act for We the People, and truly benevolent.

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