Encourage Freedom, Not Incarceration

Over at PJ Media, Stephen Kruiser’s morning brief is headline this way: The Morning Briefing: Let’s Start Jailing Lawmakers Who Violate Their Own COVID Restrictions. I suppose, in the juvenile world of the media, this headline elicits nods of approval from readers whom consider such a suggestion as sound, when in fact such an idea is akin to a junior high school prank.

While I fully agree that elected and unelected officials are abusing their powers of control over Americans due to this Chinese batflu hysteria, rather than encouraging enforcement by the state, up to and including incarceration, if an one of these aforementioned individuals is ignoring the so-called rules of Chinese batflu suppression, encouraging the jailing of elected and non-elected is not the solution. The solution is for each and every American to quit living in fear and just get out there and get about their business. Do you really think the state has enough enforcers and jails to hold even just one percent of Americans who decide to live free?

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