“Moral Poetry” It Ain’t

In an article titledĀ Pope Francis is backing a new movement to redefine capitalism as a force for good, we hear that theĀ Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism, which consists of a bunch of rich guys who already got theirs, plan on attempting to display their do goodedness, and by extension capitalism’s, by implementing “230 action items,” with a scorecard and everything, calling it “moral poetry.” I guess the coalition members figure if they have the Pope and Catholic Church on board, they’ll garner all kinds of additional Christian accolades to further pave their way to heaven. Nevermind that capitalism has reduced extreme poverty rates, worldwide, and continues to facilitate just that as a force for good. Extreme Poverty Rates Plummet Under Capitalism.

Pope Francis would better serve mankind, and the coalition, by setting up small group Bible studies for theses coalition members, because it is not capitalism that is broken, but individual men. I wonder if the Pope and Catholic Church received some kind of consultant fee?

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