Hydroxychloroquine Effective Against Coronavirus All Who Deny Are Liars

It was sometime in mid-March 2020 when President Trump first mentioned that Hydroxychloroquine should be considered and utilized against the coronavirus. Naturally, the news media institutional propagandists, immediately blanketed the air waves with dire warnings about how Hydroxychloroquine was a dangerous drug which could possibly kill you, though it has been in use since the late 1940s as an effective treatment for various malarial type diseases.

Dr. Zev Zelenko is the first physician, that I am aware of, whom promoted Hydroxychloroquine, along with zinc and azithromycin as an effective treatment against coronavirus.

Further studies, you know science stuff which everyone alleges they believe, continue to prove Hydroxychloroquine’s effectiveness in combatting Coronavirus, as noted here, along with many other links here.

Do not succumb to the psychological terrorism of the news media institutional propagandists. The coronavirus is not going to kill you, though it may make you sick, as it has members of my family. If you do contract the coronavirus, compel your physician to utilize Dr. Zelenko’s Covid-19 Prophylaxis Protocol. It works. If your physician refuses, he or she is not treating you with your best interests at heart.

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