Aborted Babies and Vaccines

Though it is often denied, there is trafficking in aborted fetuses. A most disturbing and dismaying reality. Though the truth of this has time and again been denied, or explained away with melodious lies, we are learning that cells from aborted fetuses, which have been replicated in a lab, are being used in testing protocols for various COVID-19 vaccines in development.

The utilizers of these aborted baby cells attempt to downplay the use of aborted baby cells by utilizing obfuscating or other misleading “scientific” sounding language, as if laboratory replicated cells from an aborted baby are simply a tool used by the scientific and medical communities to further their knowledge to benefit mankind, rather than parts from a dead baby, and thus should be of no concern. Well, it concerns me.

The Captain’s JournalĀ has an indepth look at this in a post titledĀ Problems With The Covid Vaccine: Why A Christian Should Have Problems With It.

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