Futilely Shooting Sparrows In My Backyard

I have not posted much here, these past fews months, not because I am incapacitated, nor inured to the continued decline of America, but because I am painfully cognizant of the futility of shooting sparrows.

You see I shoot every sparrow I possibly can when they frequent my backyard, which is often.  I poke my old Daisy BB gun out the kitchen window and pop them, one by one, futilely.  I can eliminate a dozen or more, in a single day, and yet flocks of these flying vermin still plague my feeders.  Oh, they’ve become more cautious, scattering to neighbors’ trees twittering in alarm as I attempt to cautiously raise the kitchen window to poke the Daisy out for a shot, yet they continuously return, driving the native birds away with their piggish numbers.  They are like flies on a decomposing corpse.

Which brings me to why I have not posted much here since August.

I have not posted much here because attempting to rationally criticize, ridicule, or brow beat the professional jobholders and socialist idealists destroying America is as futile as shooting sparrows in my backyard.  No matter how rationally or soundly my words may slash one particular professional jobholder, or “socially progressive” program, the effort is futile, as there is always another fool ready and willing to pick up the guidon for the cause of “social progression.”

It is not the professional jobholders, or their heralds, who are to blame for this, though.  The blame rests with the masses.  The masses, which allegedly consists of individuals, in reality consists of mere rote creatures slavering to be fed and kept like animals in a zoo.  Sure, the masses are humans, but they are helpless, ignorant creatures in actuality.  Masses of malleable clay, beggared, envious, and ecstatically voting for the whip and chains for all.  The professional jobholders and social idealists are mere opportunists and promisers of utopia, fattening on the desires of the animals which are the masses.  They are sparrow like vermin who do not even deserve a BB.

What words will I add to these pages in the future?  I am currently uncertain, due to the futility of shooting sparrows.

Originally posted on October 28, 2009 at ImprovedClinch.com

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