United States Politboro

Now that members of the United States Politboro have met to certify Uncle Joe as the supreme Soviet leader president, they are free to empower the central committee to begin with a vengeance the Trump Accountability Project, and purge what little remains of America’s freedoms, and Americans.

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  • I intend to stay out of the impending fray until such time that that is no longer possible. (see, Charlie Anderson, “Shenandoah”, 1965)

  • low tragi-comedy as Trump backstabs his own (white patriotard) supporters for the umpteenth time. Just now the Zionist-in-Chief is up at Camp David enjoying a good horselaugh with his minder: (((Kushner))). On 20 Jan. he will be succeeded by another Zio-tool – Biden/Harris with minder (((Emhoff))) – and very little will change. Alright, the water in which the white frog is being boiled will get a couple degrees hotter. But it still won’t hop out:

    Trump 2024! MAGA!!

    • Charlie Anderson’s words don’t quite mirror Ol’ Remus’, but staying away from crowds, until no longer possible, seems appropriate.

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