Situational Awareness for Christians

With today’s news that wholesale deplatforming by Twitter,¬†Facebook, and other Big Tech platforms of conservative voices is occurring, most notably President Donald J. Trump’s Twitter account, and the abject lies continuing to emanate from the mainstream media institutional propagandists, America’s prospects for continued freedom indeed appear dark and foreboding. I am of the opinion that these deplatforming actions illustrate the fear that supporters of socialist/fascist factions within the United States are experiencing of being discovered and held to account for the evils they are perpetrating upon America and the world.

As a follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ, whose anger is rising at the political evils daily being brazenly perpetrated upon America, at times I become discouraged. John C Wright considers all this in a post titled A Word of Encouragement, which is well worth your time in reading. Here are a few excerpts for your consideration.

“Things look dark. We live in an Empire of Lies, where all the publicly controlled information has been corrupted to the point where nothing can be trusted, not even basic information. The deception is at times blatant and at times subtle. At times, it is so subtle that even a trained skeptic on his guard can be deceived, and unwittingly adopt the assumptions language of the enemy, and spread his ideas.”

“There were several venues which could have examined and publicized and rectified such fraud: an independent judiciary, culminating the Supreme Court; local election officials, state officers, governors; state legislatures; police agencies, including the Department of Justice and the FBI; the Electoral College itself; the Congress; the Vice President, in his office as president of the Senate.

All these venues have failed, and failed outrageously.

All have betrayed the Constitution, the Union, and the dreams of this nation.”

“These dark days, these treasons, these lies, all had to be brought into the light. There are men I would have thought to be friends and staunch allies of patriotism, of the Constitution, of the cause of freedom, who strangled their own ideals, and stabbed friends and allies in the back, in a fashion none could have foreseen nor expected.”

“In this hour, there is no worldly sign of hope.

Logically, that means either that there is no hope, or it means worldly signs are not trustworthy. Take your pick.

Do not mistake the point of my story. I am not saying any mortal man is a messiah or anything like that.

I am saying the opposite. Place no faith in princes, for they will fail you. Put no faith in institutions, laws, promises uttered by any Son of Adam. No mortal is the messiah. Mortals cannot save.

But neither place your faith in what the powers of the world tell you, or what the uncertain evidences of the senses seem to suggest.

I am reluctant to say it, for I am eager for bloodshed, but let us likewise place no faith in the courage and zeal of patriots eager for rebellion to set right by force of arms these grave injustices.

Let us be still and wait upon the Lord.

Our weapons are meant to defend the innocent when the police come to the door at midnight without a warrant.”

I recommend reading Wright’s entire post.

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  • I have long learned to avoid conflict of all types. I go out of my way to even avoid trite arguments with my wife. After 37 years of her being my ball-n-chain we rarely argue any more.

    Out there, now, is a different story, and I don’t know what to make of it. Seems like mass insanity and criminality to me. So I avoid it as much as possible. I won’t be drawn in by it, preferring to be like Charlie Anderson in the 1966 movie, “Shenandoah”, which I highly recommend. Like Charlie, I may be draw into the fray eventually, but until such time I’ll do my best to not interfere with the insane criminals.

    • I’ll have to watch “Shenandoah,” as I don’t recall it. I have a book I’d like to send you. How can I put it in your hands, Ghostsniper?

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