Expect To See A Growth in Cuckservatives

A couple of days ago, Chris Muir published a Day By Day cartoon which commented on the seeming descent into cuckservatism of Glenn Reynolds’ site InstaPundit. Glenn Reynolds responded by posting these words, “Don’t go crazy people. They want you to go crazy.”

I’ll note that in all the years I’ve been reading InstaPundit posts, I never really noted the contributors as being especially conservative, with the exception currently of maybe Sarah Hoyt. A good many of the posts at InstaPundit over the years have been supportive of more government spending and oversight, rather than a denouncement and refutation of of government interference in the private sector, amongst other displays of love of government in individuals’ lives.

In today’s atmosphere of censoring of conservative voices, I think InstaPundit will receive a pass from the current gatekeepers, and possibly be held up by the censors as a model of a good and docile media platform, kind of like what used to be called a “token black.” Of course this censor hall pass will not fare well with actual liberty loving free men.

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