Lying About The Color Purple

I’ve always told my children and grandchildren, when they asked what my favorite color was, that it is the color purple, because purple is the color of royalty, and has been since ancient times. The color purple was on high display, yesterday, when Uncle Joe BidenĀ fraudulently assumed the highest elected office in the United States.

Myriads of articles breathlessly reported on thisĀ display of the color purple at the inauguration, and many of the articles also pushed the falsehood that this wearing of the color purple by the likes of Moochelle Obama, Hillary von Pantsuit, and down on her knees Harris was because the color purple is “traditionally” associated with bipartisanship, which is flatly not true.

Purple is the color of royalty, and every individual who donned the purple yesterday at the inauguration of Uncle Joe Biden completely believes that they are royalty, and not a one of them is a representative of the people of America.

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