What The Conservative American Right Gets Wrong About The Left

As mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, the conservative American Right has long been “disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable.” The Left’s constant attack, and victories, upon American liberties allegedly ensconced in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights proves the adage of “disposed to suffer.”

The Left, drowning in their naïve and unthinking humanism, does not care what the conservative American Right thinks, and considers conservative American individuals, especially religious Christian individuals, as fools.

In a certain way the Left is correct about the conservative American Right being foolish. You see, many of this large group of Americans still trust to faith in morality, spiritual values, and the power of rational persuasion, thinking that this trust in the just mentioned will have an affect on the Left. The conservative American Right is woefully mistaken in this trust of faith in morality, spiritual values, and the power of rational persuasion. More convincing means are going to need be applied. I am not interested in suffering any longer, nor am I much disposed to more echo chamber talk as the evils of the Left continue to pile up.

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  • “…have an affect on the Left…”
    I guess it depends on what you mean by “having an affect”.
    As far as I can tell I am being assaulted by both sides of the aisle by people that some how think they get to have a say over my life. None of this assaulting is going on directly, I’ll point out, but indirectly. This is because I do not frequent places where assaulters exist. So almost all assaulting on me is done at a distance.

    For me, I am not necessarily interested in affecting others. That is, if I am to lead at all it is by example, and since there is no one for me to be an example to…

    I have long known that this country has many criminals and they where many disguises and there isn’t much I can do about that, as far as changing it goes. It was like this before I was born and will be like this after I am gone. So in the brief time that I am here I will “lead by example” and try to avoid criminals the best I can.

    I imagine that if the criminals become overt enough there is the possibility that I might have to leave the area entirely. I’m not running away from the problem, simply acknowledging the problem I can’t solve.

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