Jesus is Not “A Sweater-vested Mister Rogers”

Dave Daubenmire has an interesting, and somewhat jarring for Christians, piece up titled The Rotten Fruit of Friendship Evangelism, which is well worth your time to read. The intro to Daubenmire’s piece.

Christianity is at a crossroads in America.  Despite what we have been taught over the last three decades, Almighty God is not some white-bearded Grandpa sitting in an easy chair in a safe place called Heaven.

He is the current reigning King of Kings…The Alpha and Omega…the All-Powerful Everlasting God.  He rules and reigns over all the earth and He is returning to earth on a White Stallion, not as a suffering Savior, but as a Conquering King.  His job description states that “In righteousness He is going to Judge and make war.”

Why has the modern-day American church sold Him to future converts as a sweater-vested Mister Rogers whose sole aim is to be nothing more than a good neighbor?  The death of Jesus on the cross was required for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.  Personal salvation is simply the fruit of His sacrifice.

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