Venn Diagramming the Incorrect Books

I’ve been seeing the below Venn diagram on the innertubes rather frequently lately.

Though those books do portray many of the dystopian aspects which in fact are taking place in society, today, right now, none of those books actually portray the true underlying problem(s) which can lead to the dystopian societies so vividly described within their pages.

I think that Whittaker Chambers’ book, Witness, should more aptly be referenced. Chambers’ real world experiences as an actual Communist underground member, and his exposure of the depth of penetration the Communists made in the United States government, beginning in the 1930s, better explains why the United States is where it is today.

I am not saying that the United States government is rife with underground Communists, today. What I am saying is that almost every elected and unelected official in the United States is a right out in the open Socialist looking to force the United States into full on Socialist system which leads directly to Communism. Whittaker Chambers’ experiences clearly, and truthfully, can explain why the United States is in the dire straits it currently is experiencing.

The few Communists taken down because of Whittaker Chambers’ coming forward when he did, only skimmed the surface of the Communist evil deep within the United States government. Today, the evils associated with Communist and Socialist thinking are right out in the open and it is time for these evil ideas to be destroyed, with extreme prejudice.

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  • I’d also add Jean Raspail’s THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS to the dystopian-lit Venn diagram, perhaps at the junction of ANIMAL FARM, CLOCKWORK ORANGE, and LORD OF THE FLIES.

    • Skorpion, I’ve not read “The Camp of the Saints.” Based on the short reviews I’ve just eyeballed, I’ll be a customer of Abe’s Books, today.

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