Treason Out In The Open

Though Rahm Emmanuel is notorious for bringing the phrase “Never let a good crisis go to waste.,” into the daily parlance known by most Americans, it was Winston Churchill who first uttered the words in the 1940s. Today, never letting a good crisis go to waste is being put into practice with a vengeance against the American people, and it is simply a continuation of Communist practices long lusted after by the Democratic party in America, with the full complicity of the Republican party.

I offer one quote, substituting only one word within it, in support of my contention. It highlights just how insidious of a problem the idea of communism remains in the United States, to this day. The word being substituted is “Communists.” It is replaced with the word “Democrats.”

“They act like a secret battalion of paratroopers…I accept as a fact beyond dispute the devotion of Democrats to their party. But in light of experience I am bound to suggest that devotion so absolute develops in those who are moved by it a power within themselves to make simple truth and plain honesty things of a secondary importance to be sacrificed by a coercive casuistry…It makes conspiracy endemic in such a party, it makes success the sole criterion of methods…The real purpose inherent in the strategy which Democrats everywhere are determined to employ is the organization of catastrophe.”

Harold L. Laski

Ralph de Toledane and Victor Lasky, Seeds of Treason, Funk & Wagnalls Company, New York, 1950, 1., pg. 2

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