Ivermectin Discoverers Won the Nobel Prize and It Beats COVID-19

Did you know that the discoverers of Ivermectin, which I’ve mentioned here on a number of occasions, and which I dose myself with as a prophylactic measure against contracting COVID-19 the Chinese batflu, won a Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2015? I just found this out myself.

Ivermectin, Drug for Parasitic Diseases Developed by Nobel Prize Winners, Could Also Control Malaria

Not only is Ivermectin Nobel Prize worthy for its ability to prevent parasitic diseases. It can prevent your contracting COVID-19 the Chinese batflu (go read some of the previous posts here on Ivermectin’s effectiveness – don’t just take my word for it).

If you want to read something one could almost equate to a miraculous occurrence in regards to the discovery of Ivermectin, click that link. A short excerpt:

“What do penicillin, aspirin and ivermectin have in common? Apart from the fact that they rhyme, all three belong to a very select group of drugs that can claim to have had the greatest beneficial impact on the health and well-being of humanity.”…

Because of its impact, safety and versatility, ivermectin has earned the title of “wonder drug” among public health specialists. Treating entire communities with the drug could represent a safe and effective means of “hitting several birds with one stone”;

Be a free man, and free your mind from the evils being inflicted on you by governments, so-called medical experts, and the fear mongering media in regards to COVID-19 the Chinese batflu.

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  • John, Are you aware of any downsides to taking the Ivermectin? I purchased a dozen tubes of the apple flavored paste on amazon and intend to start taking it on the 1st of July to ward off bad things I may encounter. I take a baby aspirin, a blood pressure pill, and a cholesterol lowering pill daily, plus 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Hep C, most likely from the shots in the army, and received an extensive “cure” for it which damaged my liver. So I’m sort of concerned about what the Ivermectin might do to me. If you heard anything or have any links I’d appreciate knowing any facts. Thanks.

    Here’s the amazon link for the stuff I purchased.

    • Ghostsniper, I am not aware of any downsides, if there are any, in regards to Ivermectin. I do not use the paste, but rather the 1% solution Ivermectin, made by AgriLabs, and take 1.5 mgs every 3 months. If you search “AgriLabs Ivermectin,” you’ll find it easily enough. I take no pharmaceutical meds, for whatever that’s worth. Barnhardt has a link up on her page where more information on the use of the Ivermectin paste can be found, so you may what to take a peek over there. She has curated all of the data she has gathered on Ivermectin on a dedicated page, so take a look over there. Sorry I don’t have more data for you.

        • Well, the listed side effects are rather mild, overall, so they do not concern me too much, Ghostsniper. As an aside, a recent paper I’ve perused on Ivermectin shows it may be effective against certain types of cancer, also, which is of interest to me because my good friend has been battling cancer for the past 5 1/2 years. It seems that Ivermectin may be more beneficial than its already known benefits.

        • Reply to ghostsniper , not sure if this is too old it’s about a month old , I’m in OZ , the IVM was banned for use against the bat soup virus , I found an English guy on utube “human takes horse paste ” and decided to give it a go , I know you have to use the paste with IVM only ,, no additives and I used Equimec in OZ it’s eqvalan in the US and then you check the data sheet on I net for the excipients and they’re all ok for humans ,just fillers . I’m 55 yr 6’1 , 300lbs, OxyContin for back fractures and on blood pressure, ill be on several high doses daily for D3 ,C and zinc but hadn’t started them yet , had my first IVM a few days back and next day a headache ( mild ) bit of a stab in the guts but on a dr check my blood pressure had risen ,normally stable 120/80 with rampiril 10 mg but now 144/107 ,cpl o days later my second IVM paste and mild headache stab in the guts , I could feel the blood pressure again ,dr check and this time 140/100 , I hadn’t started the vitamins yet and had read that some studies say high dose D3 can affect blood pressure some say it doesn’t , not sure what to make if it as my dr was annoyed that I reject the vaccine and used the paste so wasn’t much help , anyway my dad had one vaccine shot and went bad on it ,he did three weeks in ICU and then took the second shot , not for me brother , so I’ll be going with the IVM anyway but thought I’d just post my experience in case others see it , I’ve been removed by Facelift and my questions about the vacc to health dept gov au were blocked and removed , they’re trying to make it an offence to discuss it in OZ particularly IVM even tho it was an Aussie that found it knocked the virus

      • John, Ivermectin 12mg tablets can be purchased on this site-alldaychemist.com. I never submitted a Rx even though it asked for one.
        I’ve used this site over 15 years for low cost inhaler meds like Advair and Spiriva.

        • Good to know, Patriot550, and thanks for the info. I’m fairly well stocked up with the 1% solution stuff you can purchase at just about well stocked farming supply store. Thanks again.

      • John, thanks for this info. One question; someone had mentioned to me that this liquid type is meant to be given by IV. I’m assuming you take this orally(?) Can you elaborate on this at all? Thank you!

        • Dianne, if one is going to utilize 1% solution Ivermectin as purchased at a feed store, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, utilize as an IV. The 1% solution is meant to be taken orally. Go here and educate yourself.

  • ghostsniper
    I have been using Ivermectin for a few months. Although I’m 220 lbs, I set myself up with 250 lbs doses every two weeks. No side effects, whatsoever, including after I accidently double-dosed myself.
    I’m 71 a bit overweight (as you could probably tell) and on medication for high blood pressure as well.
    My wife, who is very studious about this, has had a liver transplant for the same illness (Hep C — blood transfusions in her case), and feels it is contraindicated due to the antirejection drugs.
    If you have not had a transplant, you may wish to investigate this further, because after cure, the liver is the only organ in the body to actually heal itself and you may find everything is fine. We’re back to the ‘do your research’ mode.

    • Check protocal listed in FLCCC if your present health conditions renders you suitabilities to take ivermectin.

  • @Just a welder – Because I use Ivermectin in a 1% solution, I cannot advise you in regards to the proper dosage when taken in a 12mg tablet form. Here is dosage information from the Physician’s Desk Reference manual, available online here.

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