Dr Wong is Wrong – Don’t Take the Non-Vaxx

So, in USA Today, one Dr. Andrew Wong, an orthopedic surgeon, is suggesting that followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ are acting in a non-Christian manner if they do not submit to the COVID-19 Chinese batflu vaccine non-vaxx, referencing biblical passages, and pulling Christian heart strings of loving your neighbor as yourself.

Dr. Wong is wrong. In fact, Dr. Wong is more akin to the Nicolaitans mentioned in the book of Revelations, except the idolatrous feast Wong and individuals like him sup at are the livelihoods and freedoms of people in order to accumulate power. He is a peddler of lies, mis-information, and is in league with the evil powers and principalities which are running rampant through the world’s governments and health bureaucracies as they attempt to consolidate their control over individuals’ lives. These governmental and health bureaucracy individuals should be hated with a righteous anger and thwarted by any means necessary, and intense prayers to God for them to be silenced.

If followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ truly love their neighbors as themselves, they will speak truthfully to them, and provide them with knowledge of the healing and prophylactic efficacy of Ivermectin.

Wong’s opinion piece is titled Stop using religion to fight COVID-19 vaccine. Taking it is the Christian thing to do. It’s an execrable piece of propaganda bordering on blashphemy.

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