Become Coldblooded

Don’t give in to panic. Cowards are of use to no one. God looks at a person’s situation and helps him. We have to remain cold-blooded and use our brains. No matter what happens, we must continue to pray, think and act. It’s best to always stand up to a difficult situation using spiritual means. However that spiritual boldness which is born of holiness and striving towards God is missing today, as is the natural boldness needed in order not to turn coward in the face of danger. In order to hold back a great evil, great holiness is needed. A spiritual person can hold back evil and help others. In the spiritual life the biggest coward can attain great courage by entrusting himself to Christ and His divine help. He can go to the front lines, do battle with the enemy, and win! So therefore we will fear God alone, not people, no matter how evil they may be. The fear of God makes any coward into a hero! A person becomes fearless to the extent he unites with God.

Elder Paisios

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  • Over time, I’ve lost all fears but one- fear of God Almighty. Lack of fear makes a person’s life incredibly better, and gives one a much clearer perspective on everything.

    • Over time, I’ve lost all fears but one- fear of God Almighty.

      Pete, I understand exactly what you mean. It would be good if more individuals understood that the fear of God Almighty is reverence and awe of Him, doing their best to act in a way that is pleasing to Him, rather than ourselves or others, and to understand that when we act not as Christians, it displeases Him. Fear of God Almighty does lead to wisdom.

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