A Few Words from Billy Beck

It’s been a number of years since Billy Beck allowed the pages of Two-Four to go dark, and though he was active on Twitter until just shortly after the 2020 presidential election; he was banned; and remains active on FaceBook; when he isn’t put in FaceBook jail that is; his clear eyed commentary is sorely missed. Though I have exchanged an email or two with him in the intervening years, and spoken with him by phone, the more regular exchanges we’ve had in the past, are largely past.

He’s checked in recently, with a few words, posted at Cold Fury, which I found via a post at Western Rifle Shooters Association titled Billy Beck Checks In.

The posts at Cold Fury, which Billy commented on, and which are worth reading, are titled Serendipity is a thing, and Evergreen.

As others have commented at Cold Fury, I also profited from Billy’s sharp eyed, clear assessments of what is happening in the United States, and the importance of firm steadfastness to principles. Onward.

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