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After my recent post noting a few words from Billy Beck, I was notified in comments by Ghostsniper that Billy had a podcast channel up at Rumble, so naturally I clicked in to see what it was all about.

Billy’s channel can be found at Premise Check with Billy Beck, and though Billy’s output, to date, only includes twelve (12) podcasts, I found each of them as informative, and thought provoking, as his writing before his blog Two–Four went dark.

Billy possesses what could almost be considered an innate ability to peel back the dross from what is referred to as “news” today to reveal the deeper moral and philosophical ideas which actually are being obfuscated by the presstitutes reading their prepared scripts on teevee. He cuts to the chase, and may cut you as an individual if your grasp of reality has been subsumed by what is considered today’s “culture.”

I’ve known Billy for almost 20 years, now, and he was one of the individuals who first encouraged me back in the Blogspot days to obtain my own domain name, ImprovedClinch, now dark also, and I am thankful for his guidance.

In regards to podcasts, generally, I typically eschew watching podcasts and teevee, as I find these mediums too slow for the way I consume information. Some podcasts, more so in streaming podcasts, can last two (2) hours or more, and I do not want to commit that amount of time to listening/watching what is being disseminated when I could garner much of the same information in a much shorter period of time by reading, and I do not need my opinions molded by what is oftentimes simply propaganda.

With that said, after having viewed each of the podcasts so far produced by Billy, the longest running approximately 36 minutes, I found each of them well worth my time, if simply for the fact of the cogency of the thoughts Billy shares, though I did recommend to him shorter podcasts, say 14 to 20 minutes, rather than longer. I subscribed to “Premise Check with Billy Beck,” because Billy does have wisdom to share. I think he will do well.

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  • I’m in agreement with your preference for NOT watching podcasts etc. I’ve spent a lifetime reading what others have written and enjoy it for the most part. Podcasts and most TV go in one eyeball and out the other. Now if someone would invent a way or point me to a way of turning podcast audio into text that I can read whenever I feel like, that, I think would be a temporary gold mine. Temporary because as us old stuck in the mudders die out, the tech would be used less and less. Gold mine because us stuck in the mudders MAY read the podcasts converted audio, thus maybe gaining more followers and certainly would increase the revenue derived.

    • Nemo, I mentioned the transcript angle to Billy. I do not know how difficult it would be to accomplish. If things get out of hand, politically and socially, I would think that the powers that be would most definitely cut off access to freely available information such as we can access daily on the internet, though of course this has already begun with the censorship so beloved by Big Tech platforms. There are a good number of individuals already strictly relying on tech, devices as my grandchildren refer to them, for ALL their information, financial transactions, etc. They will fall first if America’s slide to tyranny begins to accelerate.

  • I’m sure I have visited your little spot on the interwebs, but never commented. I have shared comments with you at the great Vanderleun’s – American Digest.

    I’ve wondered for a long time, whatever happened to Billy Beck. I also enjoyed his biting and concise commentary. Nice to find he is still making poignant social comment online.

    And finally, the poem by Sandburg in your sidebar is new to me. I really like it.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks, Kevin. I, too, note our passings at Gerard’s place, which is a great gathering place with a rather lively comment section. Glad you enjoyed the Sandburg poem, it’s a favorite of mine.

  • Billy Beck is and has always been a liar and an evil man. How many children does he have? What is his investment in the future? What in his value system is NOT pure present-oriented self-centered hedonism? He repeatedly talks about “your one and only life right now” as though that is the most important thing. It is not. Every parent knows it is not. Billy Beck is not a parent and never will be and does not care to be. Billy Beck wants to convince other people to follow his own path of self-destructive heedless evil.

    Billy Beck denies that such a thing as “the American people” even exists. In this he is of one mind with the wokest of the left. He declares America is, always was, and can only be, an ideal, and nothing more. He denies the very existence of America, of the people that created it, and of the people that make it up. He denies everything he claims to defend, and his ideology is dedicated to America’s destruction.

    A century from now, no one will remember his name. And that will be for the good.

    • Rollory, Beck does not require any defense from myself, but he is not a hedonist, nor is he a liar or an evil man. Does Beck claim to be an atheist? He does, but as Camus wrote, that is the last rung preceding perfect faith. Does Beck claim to be an anarchist? He does. Do you understand the root of the meaning of anarchy, and what this means in regards to ruling yourself?

      As to Beck’s claim that America is only an ideal, an idea, I fully agree. Granted, there are geographic boundaries to America, but America never was, nor is now, a draw because of its geographic boundaries. Rather, America remains a draw to individuals because of the ideas conceived raising the individual above the state. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, rather than obeisance to rulers.

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