COVID-19 Naming Conventions – You’re Referring to It Incorrectly

When news of a new, allegedly deadly to all individuals, disease/flu first broke across the world, it largely went under the nameĀ Wuhan flu, though other, more vernacular, names, were used: Chinese batflu (my personal favorite), Chinese batflu soup, etc. These colorful references to COVID-19 were soon squashed across the mainstream media spectrum, as China applied their muscle, and dollars, to keep the media in line, and to maintain an air of innocence in regards to its origins. Officials in the United States government, or institutions such as the CDC and NIH, are also culpable.

W.H.O., being a good lap dog to their Chinese masters, soon saw the merit of bowing to their Chinese masters and named this new disease coronavirus disease (COVID-19), and the virus severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), which sounds all official and scientific, and not xenophobic what-so-ever.

I think this disease, this virus, should be referred to as theĀ Gain of Function Flu, in recognition of the seeming fact that this disease, this virus, was man-made. The Chinese government, with monetary assistance from the United States government, has man-made this virus. And though the people involved in denying that COVID-19, the Gain of Function Flu, could only have “evolved,” it most assuredly did not. And any arguments for conducting gain of function research as a just in case preventive are vacuous and lead to evil. I shall from here on refer to this as the Gain of Function Flu (man-made).

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  • I probably shouldn’t laugh, but it seems that Obama’s 3-4 day long “birthday bash” turned out to be a (GASP!) “Covid super-spreader event!” And a large number of the infected were previously vaccinated.

    Karma, baby!

    • It is rather humorous and karmic, Pete. More interesting to me, at least, is that the MSM doesn’t actually cast aspersions on their black messiah, but rather, spins that news into part of the panic porn hysteria in an attempt to stay true to the narrative which has been built upon the Gain of Function Flu (manmade).

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