Moderna, mRNA Risk, and Do You Understand What Experimental Means

Moderna has been profiting handsomely from the fear induced in the world by the Gain of Function Flu (manmade) and their alleged “vaccine,” which does not meet the standards of being an actual vaccine, as an individual must take jab after jab in order for the alleged “vaccine” to be effective.

Here is an interesting article on Moderna from September 2016. It is titled Ego, ambition, and turmoil: Inside one of biotech’s most secretive startups, and it is interesting on multiple levels, but most especially in regards to the information provided within regarding why, exactly, mRNA vaccines are experimental, and why other biotech companies and large pharmaceutical players shied away from pursuing mRNA technology. To wit (from the article – bold by ed.):

“Delivery — actually getting RNA into cells — has long bedeviled the whole field. On their own, RNA molecules have a hard time reaching their targets. They work better if they’re wrapped up in a delivery mechanism, such as nanoparticles made of lipids. But those nanoparticles can lead to dangerous side effects, especially if a patient has to take repeated doses over months or years.

Novartis abandoned the related realm of RNA interference over concerns about toxicity, as did Merck and Roche.”

Individuals who have received mRNA “vaccines,” are guinea pigs in the world’s largest biological experiment because of the Gain of Function Flu (manmade). Goebbels was a piker compared to what is happening around the world today.

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  • Thank you for the great writing. What is happening is criminal in every sense, and in the future people will wonder how the minds of so many could be so easily captured that tyranny not ever seen this great, nor this extreme, could invade the peoples minds of these United States of America, but propaganda works as Goebbels knew, and today the billionaires network of social media and broadcast media are working to silence the screams of their victims just as effectively as that used in the Third Reich by Joseph Goebbels. A holocaust is happening and only the aware know it.

    • Michael, what is happening, in America and around the world, currently, is criminal. Truth, today, must be searched for diligently.

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