Communist Cells Right Out in the Open

If you study theĀ early history of communist organization, you will learn that though the commies had out in the open organizations such as League of the Just, the International Workingmen’s Association, the Paris Commune, etc., the real success of inculcating communist ideology into society and culture was accomplished through clandestine communist cells, small groups of individuals secretly committed to the communist ideal, designed to infiltrate governments and other organizations in order to erode freedom like a cancer from within.

I contend that this method of instilling communist ideology, the communist cell (communist ideology includes the ideas promoted by Socialism and Fascism though their naming conventions are different) remains in place today with the exception of noting that communist cells no longer operate in secret, but right out in the open.

I further contend that each and every government in the world today has, or is, an actively operating communist cell. And just as early communist cells appeared to operate without knowledge of other cells, each and every communist cell was working to achieve the same evil goal, as do today’s communist cells, the proof of which can be seen by how closely aligned various world governments implement laws, regulations, and the spread of ideas these governments lust to have consume their subjects minds and lives.

Case in point, stating the obvious, though they, meaning those currently in positions of government power, are simply utilizing Chinese communists as the scapegoats to obfuscate their own role as communist fellow travelers.

Chinese Communist Party Leaders May Already be in Place in America for Strategic Overthrow of U.S. Government

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