Legal Shot Over the Bow of Experimental Vaccine Mandate Advocates

There is much chatter about mandating COVID-19 vaccines, as governments, businesses, and bureaucrats attempt to legitimize the largest biological experiment the world has ever experienced. And make no mistake, this Gain of Function Flu (manmade) is a biological experiment of a most evil and insidious type, as not only does this virus have the potentiality to be fatal to certain segments of the population, the entire world’s population is being subjected to psychological pressures, PsyOps, in an unrelenting manner as governments worldwide attempt to solidify their control of individuals’ lives.

In comments, here, Ghostsniper notes a number of legal challenges one can pursue to protect yourself. The legal challenges noted were posted in an article at PJ Media titled Fight Back: Here’s How People Are Legally Resisting Dystopian Diktats to Get a Covid Shot or Be Fired. If you are facing the dilemma of being forced to take this experimental vaccine, or lose your job, you should make yourself aware of these possible legal remedies to protect yourself.

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  • I’m pretty certain these pressures that are being directed at the citizenry are and will be creating microfractures all the way down to the individual family’s and even individuals themselves. At some time, maybe this year, every single person is going to have to make some major decision on how they expect to live their lives. Are you ready to succumb? Perhaps you’ll join a very big club that will kit up and head in force to the emerald city to reclaim that which has been stolen from you. Maybe you’re the type that is ready to turn your back on the “failed democracy” and go live like a criminal animal in the sticks. Regardless which path you choose, the paths are being defined right now whether you’re paying attention or not. The way forward is being purposely made more and more difficult with each passing day. Many lack the intestinal fortitude and intellectual horsepower to see a brighter day.

    • I’m already living as a criminal, or “domestic terrorist” as the DHS is wont to label to me, Ghostsniper. The way forward for liberty is fraught with tougher and tougher decisions.

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