Counterintelligence Writ Large

There is no shortage of handwringing and fingerpointing over the recent goings on in Afghanistan, with former military weighing in with assessments, along with former CIA assets and other so-called smart poobahs.

One Bryan Dean Wright has weighed in. His Twitter bio:

“Former CIA Ops Officer. America First. Pragmatic thinker. Allergic to DC egos. Farming & ranching in my blood. Love Arizona, miss Oregon.”

Here is a link to Wright’s thread of what he’s hearing (ThreadReader), but I will only address the very last 4 word sentence in Wright’s thread, which reads,

“And vote for change.”

That bit of advice is counterintelligence writ large. Counterintelligence operations are meant to protect an intelligence agency’s program from opposition, and if you cannot see that voting for change does not change anything, especially when one considers the stolen 2020 election, well, you could probably work for an intelligence agency, since evidence suggests that America’s intelligence agencies are staffed with imbeciles who have no interest in protecting America and Americans, but only their powerful positions.

Instead of voting for change, I think Wright’s second to the last piece of advice in that linked thread; “Pray.”; is probably more effective.

Link to Wright’s thread via Small Dead Animals.

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