American Government’s History of Forsaking Americans

There is much handwringing and finger pointing over the debacle currently happening in Afghanistan, especially in regards to Americans left behind in Afghanistan, and this is heart rending, but the American government’s forsaking of Americans trapped, or held against their will, in foreign countries after a war, or in other circumstances, is not something new. The American government has a long history of forsaking Americans. To wit:

The Forsaken, which is the story of Americans trapped in the Soviet Union beginning in the 1930s era through World War II. If you have not read this book, you should.

Korean War POWs Forsaken

Vietnam War POWs and Allies Forsaken

I’m certain other examples could be added to the above list, but you should not need additional examples for you to understand that the American government is not overly troubled if you should become one of the forsaken.


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