Facing Kabul – by Billy Beck

Billy Beck shares some thoughts on Kabul. Posted on Substack, on August 16th, 2021.

The post is titledĀ Facing Kabul. A short excerpt.

“This is a very old culture of faith and force, virtually untouched by the attributes of reason which are an essential characteristic of the Western mind, except in various expedient mimicries: they can machine an AK-47 right there in front of their hut, but they’re not interested to work-up what it takes to invent something like that and everything that goes into genuine industry of anything on a national scale.

Their sketch of “government” is Victorian, at best, foggily-lensed as a sort-of cargo-cult apprehension of form and baksheesh in practice — at worst, it’s plainly medieval and it’s about to get medievaler.”

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