State Fair Zinnias 2021 Photos

About three years ago, my Lovely Melis began putting state fair zinnias in the ground after the last frost each spring. The plants are a mere 3 inches tall, when put in the ground, and as of today, most are in the 4 to 5 foot tall range, though a few have made 6 foot tall. They flower profusely from mid-summer to late fall; she’s done six cuttings so far; and the neighborhood walkers, including many from the retirement home close by, comment on them and their beauty. My role is to ensure that they are watered daily. Here’s a few photos for your viewing pleasure.


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  • Them are some majestic flowers right there John, especially that last one. WoW.
    Gotta show this to my wife, the Green Thumb around here. She has a plethora of flowers growing all over the compound.

  • I love zinnias – old-fashioned showy flowers that serve both the garden and the vase quite well. I would love to grow them, but I don’t enough hours of full sun to make them happy. In the past when I did grow them they were susceptible to powdery mildew if I wasn’t careful to water them at ground level – they don’t like wet leaves, but in Kansas that’s not usually a problem sense we don’t have constant rain. The State Fairs are so tall. Just wondering if you do anything in particular to keep them from falling over.

    • In just the last two weeks we’ve had to prop some of them up, Humdeedee. I usually utilize just thin bamboo stakes, though occasionally we have to resort to more stringent measures, such as using paracord and deck screws tacked into the side of the house. Ours do receive almost all day, full sun, and you’re right, they don’t like to have wet leaves, as my Lovely Melis instructed me the first year she put them in the ground.

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