Preparations for Matrix Battery Implementation

Recall the scene from the movie The Matrix where the character Morpheus explains how the human race is now exploited as simply batteries? The tech industry is hard at work preparing to implement just such a possibility, and I am certain some individuals just can’t wait to be implemented.

Big Tech Wants You to Live in a Virtual World. Prepare for Real Problems.

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  • Couldn’t read the WSJ article as it’s behind a paywall so I looked up the term metaverse and read. If this metaverse is anything like Windows 10 or any of the other “tech” things I’ve encountered over the past 10 years or so I expect it will be an abysmal failure as well. Seems the whole country is turning into one big day care center, children oriented and run. I’ll have no part of it.

    • I hear ya, Ghostsniper. Though I’m well aware of what is going on, and am prepared for most contingencies if things go south, I want not part of it either.

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