Ivermectin, Again

Since December 2020, I’ve been noting Ivermectin’s efficacy in various posts, here. Though the efficacy of Ivermectin has been noted in a number of different countries by doctors and other medical professionals, the CDC, NIH and other alleged medical professionals have attempted to deprecate Ivermectin’s efficacy against the Gain of Function Flu (manmade), with the full support of the truth suppressing mainstream media. Well the truth of Ivermectin’s effectiveness, as both a prophylactic measure and a treatment measure for the Gain of Function Flu (manmade), is beginning to open more and more individuals’ eyes. This time in Japan.

BREAKING: Japanese medical association chairman tells doctors to prescribe Ivermectin for COVID

Do not take my word regarding Ivermectin’s effectiveness. Investigate for yourself, and escape from the lies being fed to you.

Linked via Citizen Free Press.

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    • Thanks, Pete. I’ve been tracking this Gain of Function Flu (manmade) (GOFF) psyop since it began, and have not only Ivermectin on hand, but the zinc and vitamin D. My Mum, who will be 90 in October, was the first to contract the GOFF in our family, in 2020, shortly after being hospitalized due to a fall, and diagnosed with congestive heart failure issues, and then having to move into an assisted living arrangement at the nursing home where she previously had been living independently in a condo. Though Mum suffered some tough days battling the GOFF, she recovered fully, and then was basically forced to submit to the jab because of her change in status to assisted living. The entire world is being misled in regards to the GOFF. Yes, it is a virus, more dangerous to certain folks than others, but the GOFF is NOT a world altering killer. I am seriously thinking, though, that the jabs, in conjunction with the GOFF as a virus itself, could be a world altering killer. Stats as reported at VAERS, what is happening in Israel, and other countries with high vaccination rates, suggest that the alterations induced in the GOFF virus by the so-called vaccines have the potential be to a world altering killer approach, and it makes one consider the evil behind it.

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