Bad Men or Merely “Expert Conditioners?” – A Scourge on Humanity

C.S. Lewis, in 1944, clearly saw where the rule of “experts,” or the “elite,” would lead mankind, and described them thusly.

“‘Why should you suppose they will be such bad men?’ But I am not supposing them to be bad men. They are, rather, not men (in the old sense) at all. They are, if you like, men who have sacrificed their own share in traditional humanity in order to devote themselves to the task of deciding what ‘Humanity’ shall henceforth mean. ‘Good’ and ‘bad,’ applied to them, are words without content: for it is from them that the content of these words is henceforth to be derived.”

C.S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man, 1944, HarperOne, First Harper Collins Paperback Edition Published in 2001, pg. 63

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