Thoughts on Evil and Neighbors

The other day, in a post titled Gad, this is depressing, Joel, at The Ultimate Answer to Kings, posted some thoughts on living with your neighbors. These neighbors, according to Joel, “in matters of actual life…are as normal and sensible as anybody…,” and he gets along with them quite well, evidently, but with the election of Trump, and then COVID-19 the Gain of Function Flu (manmade), well, things became more problematic.

I thought of Joel’s post this morning when I read John C. Wright’s post The Nowhere Men, wherein he considers the seeming namelessness of the prevailing philosophy which has infected world politics, media, universities, churches, just about all aspects of society and culture.

In comments to Wright’s post, I was pointed to a post by Bruce Charlton, which considers the same subject matter as Mr. Wright considered, titled Why does the ruling ideology of the world Not have a name?, and Charlton addressed the question this way.

“The answer is that the ruling ideology of the world is Evil – and evil has no positive definition. 

The name of Evil does not derive from what it wants but from what it opposes; and that is Good, which is God and divine creation.”

This is very true.

Interestingly enough, yesterday evening I was discussing this problem of worldly evil and neighbors with some friends of mine, whom are also my neighbors. I’ve lived in my neighborhood for 29 years, now, and know most of my neighbors quite well, and have interactions with them of the type that Joel mentions having with his neighbors. The majority of my neighbors are seemingly good people, personable and likable individually, but their world view, their philosophy, has been co-opted by the evil Charlton describes, and which Joel notes being verbalized by his neighbors.

Charlton considers these very pertinent thoughts about evil and neighbors with these words.

Evil is not something you Are, but a cause you serve. It is not a specific group, but one side in a Spiritual war; a war where each individual can and must choose which side he supports. (No abstention is possible.)

The problem with giving a name to Evil thus understood is that it constitutes the entirety of world and national governments (all parties), the mass media, and the (cross-linked) bureaucracies of all major social institutions (including ‘Christian’ churches).

For most people, Evil thus understood also includes almost every person they know.

Choose wisely the side you will serve.

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  • That last line there sums it up pretty well. If we think of “apocalypse” as what it originally meant: “unveiling”, then the past few years have been truly apocalyptic in that they have revealed, for anyone with eyes to see, who and what has been ruling this world. It is a particularly hard lessons for Americans, I think, because until recently the American Way was synonymous with Truth, Justice, and a force for good in the world. We had no idea how corrupt our leadership had become; we were a nation built on trust, and we trusted that the people in authority were on the side of the angels. Ask me ten years ago how bad it really was, and I would have thought that the only thing we had to worry about was (in essence) the ongoing struggle between socialists and people who wanted freedom. I could not have imagined the wickedness and utter depravity of our leadership class, it was literally unthinkable.

    People who are generally honest and decent cannot comprehend how evil some others can be. I saw this first-hand in Bible study, when my classmates had an extremely difficult time accepting some of the uglier passages of the Old Testament. They can’t imagine living in a town where the town leaders demand that a stranger be turned over to them to be raped and murdered. And yet, in parts of the world even now, such behavior is the norm, not the shocking exception. Unfortunately, because they cannot imagine it, they fall prey to it all too easily. It sounds so nice, and so often flatters them that when they go along with it, they are doing good.

    They are, in essence, good sheep who serve evil because they have been led astray by bad shepherds. But having once been led, it is almost impossible to convince them that they are following the wrong guy. He makes them feel good about themselves!

    • Julie, too many individuals have lost the ability to correctly discern the difference between good and evil. What is being sold to them as good, is often in the service of evil ends. This inability to correctly discern is exacerbated by an inability to see further than the end of their noses.

  • I went to Joel’s site and read his words: “If it weren’t for my neighbors, most of whom are substantially older than me and some of whom have other health issues, I’d never have gotten the covid jab.”

    That sort of thing, to me, is depressing. I don’t know Joel. So I don’t know if he’s lying or just stupid. He got the shot because of other people???

    When I am exposed to an abundance of insanity for a prolonged period of time, say, a few hours on the web, I start to question my own sanity. Then I get away from the computer, go dabble in the workshop or attend to some physical chores or even just sit on the porch with the mutt for a spell. Then in short order I know that I am not insane and that that black screen sitting on my desk is really just like the black screen on the wall in the living room. They both reveal almost continuous showing of insanity way out beyond my property lines. All is well here on the ghost compound.

    • Ghostsniper, I found Joel’s reasoning for getting the jab totally flabbergasting, especially when one considers the life he’s chose to live as almost a hermit in the desert, and his mostly individualist life philosophy. It made no sense to me, especially when you look at the facts of the actual dangers of dying from the Gain of Function Flu (manmade), which is less than 1.5% depending on age, versus the dangers of accepting an experimental mRNA jab. All is well here in the Venlet household, also.

      • We’re on the same page here John. Yes, he claims to have a very rural existence and limited exposure to others so his decision doesn’t make sense. This is just one more example of unexplainable insanity that I encounter every dam day on the web.

        FWIW, I have a fairly respectable supply of the horse paste that I bought on amazon over the last few months though I have not yet started taking it. When I first started buying it it was $26 for 3 boxes with 1 tube in each box. I bought 4 the first time(12 tubes) and 3 (9 tubes) 3 more times, and each time the price rose a little. Went back 2 weeks ago to get more and it is no longer available from that seller and all other sellers are no longer available or have raised their prices to the stratosphere now that the stuff is so popular. Glad I bought when I did and I will start my winter medication routine (vit C, D, and Zinc) on the 1st of Oct and I will start the Ivermectin at that time too. You and Ann inspired me to investigate this stuff and move forward with it and I thank both of you. Yes, your little blog is beneficial to others, so keep it up!

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