Squishy Glenn Reynolds of InstaPundit Fame

I’ve enjoyed InstaPundit over the years, since the blog came online, and Glenn Reynolds’ insights, but since InstaPundit rose to fame, and hooked up with Amazon, to generate revenue, Glenn Reynolds has gotten very squishy.

Take this post, wherein Reynolds offers his insights on the so-called vaccine for Covid-19 the Gain of Function Flu (manmade):

“MESSAGING: So I’ve noticed that just about every story encouraging people to get vaccinated features a needle. Sometimes it’s actually being stuck into someone, sometime it’s just being held up.

A lot of people are afraid of needles — some say it’s over 25% of the population. Does every story featuring the “jab” (maybe also bad marketing — “jab” doesn’t sound very gentle) have to feature a needle? If your goal is to encourage people to be vaccinated, does it make sense to accentuate the part of the process that lots of people fear, and that nobody really enjoys?

It’s like illustrating car ads with a picture of someone changing a tire. Bad salesmanship. But it’s everywhere.”

Note that there is not a word in that post that this Gain of Function Flu (manmade) is not as deadly as it has been made out to be, nor that there are very effective prophylactic medicines, Ivermectin or HCQ anyone, nor that the so-called vaccines appear to be driving the number of individuals being diagnosed as having Covid-19 the Gain of Function Flu (manmade) up and up. nor that over 13,000 deaths have been noted in the VAERS system, etc. Reynolds only seems to talk about the needle. I wonder if Reynolds is more concerned that his revenue stream from Amazon would be cutoff if he posted strong words against the so-called vaccine, than with putting the truth out there for his readers to evaluate for themselves. I think the message is Reynolds sold out a long time ago.

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  • Squishy rhymes with wishy, as in, wishy washy. Reynolds had his last chance with me almost 20 years ago. He’s a constitutional scholar but when push came to shove he got all bitchy about it. I told him any debate about the constitution is useless because it is an incomplete (social) contract in that it offers no reference for remedy to violations thereof. He’s a lawyer, he knows this, but he still tried to defend his position. I’ve only went back upon reference by others to specific items. No doubt he bows to the hand that feeds. BTW, I (a novice) did similar with another constitutional scholar named Jonathan Turley back in the usenet days. Since then I have seen that fraud on news shows. HA!

    • It’s unreal how many folks are afraid to challenge the hand that feeds them, Ghostsniper. Turley is referenced around the net quite frequently today. I’m not certain I could rely on either Reynolds or Turley to actually stand by any principle they may say they support.

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