Covid-19 Experience in My House – Real Time

My wife, whom against my advice and wishes, was vaccinated with the JNJ vaccine on April 3, 2021, returned home from Utah this past Monday, late afternoon, September 27th, 2021, not feeling well (she had flown to Utah on Wednesday 09.22.2021 and was feeling fine). Her sinuses were plugged up, she had a rattling cough, and body aches, but no fever. I gave her a big hug, a peck on the lips, and told her she probably had Covid-19 the Gain of Function Flu (manmade). She pooh, poohed this thought, told me it was probably just a cold or sinus infection, and went straight to bed after I got a bit of chicken noodle soup in her, which she said tasted good to her. She declined my offer of a dose of Ivermectin.

Tuesday morning, after a rather restless night of incessant coughing, which threw my sleep off also, she got up still feeling poorly, the symptoms previously mentioned remained, and now she was also running a low grade fever of 100.8. Once again I told her she probably caught Covid-19 the Gain of Function Flu (manmade), but she remained skeptical of my diagnosis, and once again declined my offer of Ivermectin.

Her skepticism began to erode, though, the next day, Wednesday, after suffering through another restless night of coughing jags, increased sinus pressure, and that steady low grade fever. Then, that night at dinner, all of a sudden she could not taste or smell a thing, and we were eating some spicy kimchi along with homemade Korean beef, and I told her she definitely had Covid-19 the Gain of Function Flu (manmade).

Though her skepticism was eroded by the loss of taste and smell, she remained unconvinced that she had Covid-19 the Gain of Function Flu (manmade). She related to me that her mom, when suffering from occasional sinus infections in the days before Covid-19 the Gain of Function flu (manmade) hysteria, always seemed to lose her sense of smell and taste, so she, too, might just be experiencing the loss of taste and smell due to a sinus infection.

I asked her what she was going to do, as she really did not want to enter the medical system for a Covid-19 Gain of Function Flu (manmade) test. I also did not want her to enter the medical system, but she did want to get treatment if indeed she did have a sinus infection. I told her, no matter what she decided to do, she was definitely going to take Ivermectin right now. I gave her a 1.5 mL dose of 1% solution Ivermectin in a half a shot of vodka, and she went to bed.

The next morning, now Thursday, about 12 hours after receiving that dose of Ivermectin, she got up and told me she had slept well and that her body aches had in large part subsided, though her sinuses were still causing her problems. I told her I had slept better, too, because she had not spent the night coughing. Additionally, her low grade fever was now gone, and she was running a normal temperature of 98.6. Even with these positive results, which I told her were due to the Ivermectin, because her sinuses were still troubling her she wanted to see her doctor to rule out a sinus infection. I told her if she took this route, she would have to submit to a Covid-19 Gain of Function Flu (manmade) test, and that is exactly what occurred.

Well, it is now Friday afternoon, October 1, 2021, and the test results are in. My Lovely Melis has Covid-19 the Gain of Function Flu (manmade). Unsurprisingly, no prescriptions have been offered to her, just advice to rest, drink plenty of fluids, and isolate.

Concluding thoughts/analysis/information: The JNJ vaccine, which allegedly is supposed to be good for six to eight months, depending on what you read, did not do my wife a lick of good. I still am not happy that she took the JNJ vaccine. She also has two comorbidities referenced in available information which can be problematic. High blood pressure, which she takes a med for, and she carries around a bit more weight than she should. She will not take any boosters, which I adamantly oppose. Tonight she will take a second 1.5 mL dose of 1% solution Ivermectin.

On my end, I have not isolated from my Lovely Melis. I hug her multiple times a day. I’ve slept in the same bed with her every night since she got home, as usual, and we have not been running around the house disinfecting everything every five minutes, or after she touches this or that. Nor do we wear masks, which is foolishness. I’ve been taking Ivermectin, 1.5 mL, in a 1% solution prophylactically since December 2020. I do this quarterly. My last dosing was on September 20, 2021. I remain in fine health. If my health situation changes, I’ll update this post accordingly. UPDATE: I neglected to mention that since the Lovely Melis’ return home, I’ve commenced using my Neti pot nightly. I usually do this whenever I am around anyone who has a bad cold or flu. I use NeilMed Sinus Rinse premeasured packets mixed in 8 ounces of distilled water gently warmed.

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  • I have the KungFlu currently as well, and am taking ivermectin and all the usual supplements: D, C, zinc etc. I would also recommend, if you don’t already have one, a nebulizer, and use Dr. Thomas Levy’s nebulized hydrogen peroxide protocols. It really helps a great deal with the entire respiratory tract. Don’t hesitate in hitting this virus hard, it’s not a normal respiratory virus, as you know, and while it’s highly treatable for most people, it can take a turn for the worst just when you think you’ve turned the corner. Best wishes for a full recovery for your wife.

  • Well John I’m not glad to hear that your wife got the shot nor that she is now infected. I know this must be a shock for both of you. I am glad you are being proactive about it and I hope the best for both of you.

    I have been walking on pins and needles for the past 6+ months for my wife, like yours, got the shots as soon as they were available and told me that I would get them too. After I got over the shock of realizing her and I weren’t on the same page regarding this vaccine nonsense I informed her sternly that I would not be getting any vax. In the months since I have been watching her closely for any bad signs and have seen none. In June, at your and Ann Barnhardt’s advice, as well as some others, I started buying horse paste on amazon. It started at about $26 for 3 tubes delivered. Over the next few months I ordered it several more times from the same source and each time the cost increased. I now have about 30 tubes and the last 3 tube batch cost me $54.

    On 1 Oct I took the first dose of the horse paste. I had viewed the youtube about dosing amounts. The paste is a transparent yellow and has a slightly apple smell to it. I set the dial on 250ml and pushed the plunger down dispensing the paste into the bowl of a plastic spoon. I wiped the tube nozzle off with a paper towel and reinstalled the cap. I put the spoon in my mouth and drew the past deep into my mouth and though I was at the back part of my tongue the flavor was terrible. Glad I didn’t let the front of my tongue taste it. It was a very greasy consistency and the flavor was very medicinny or even like what you would imagine industrial grease would taste like. Not pleasant. I swallowed it right down then chased it with about half a glass of apple cider. The flavor of the paste still remained in my mouth but disappeared after about 15 mins.

    Yesterday morning, the 4th, I took the 2nd dose. I have seen no effects good or bad. Hopefully it is doing what I am wanting it to do. As far as I can tell I have not had nor ever had that virus. In 2 weeks, the 18th, I will take another dose. Then, once a month, on the first of the month, I will take subsequent doses. I will stop taking them monthly as warranted or is some how I get an “all clear” sign from some where. I don’t like where this society is right now and I don’t like having my wifes choice in being “vaccinated” hovering over my head. We’ve been together almost 38 years now (Feb 1984) and I will stay with her for all of my life if she’ll let me. I’ve never been a quitter nor will I allow her to be. Peace, out. And good luck to you and your wife John. Keep us posted. Thank you.

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