Christopher Chantrill Falls Victim to the Wokey Court Society Himself

In an essay titled Fake Victims in the Autumn of a Ruling Caste, posted at American Thinker, Christopher Chantrill himself falls victim to the wokey classes’ language and institution policing, when he concedes the wokey classes’ inversion of reality by writing the following:

And whatabout the ridiculous self-indulgence?  Back in the good old days, we used to call ruling-class courtiers “fops.” Do you think that applies to, say, Pete Buttigieg, the Secretary of Transportation who is celebrating the adoption of two infants with his husband and has been taking advantage of parental leave over the past two months?   (bold by ed.)

While it is indisputable that a man can be a husband, to a wife, a woman, a man cannot be a husband to another man, except in the fantasy world. A man claiming he is “married” to a man is not a husband, he is a homosexual, and no amount of posturing or saying otherwise will ever change that reality.

Though it is true that there are fake victims in this cultural and political war we’re involved in, which should be criticized and mocked, as Chantrill does in his essay,  that does not mean you should fall victim to the fantasies generated by the wokey ruling class by conceding the language and institutions which have stood for centuries to them.

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