Has President Trump Been Inducted into the Elitist Club?

In December 2020, I put up a post about President Donald J. Trump noting that he was not keeping his most important promise to the American people, a promise which he articulated on a number of occasions. That promise being that he, President Trump, had “caught the swamp. I caught them all.” Yeah, that is one huge unkept promise.

Now President Trump is coming out and pushing the jab, as Alex Jones, amongst others notes, as this Mediate piece titled Alex Jones Slams Trump for Supporting Covid-19 Vaccines: Either ‘Ignorant’ or ‘The Most Evil Man Who Has Ever Lived’ delves into.

I’m wondering if President Trump has bought up a bunch of stock in the mRNA producing companies, or, if he has been inducted into the elitist club, whose current favorite bogeyman is Covid-19 The GOFF (Gain of Function Flu (manmade)), and as a rite of full initiation into the elitist club he has to push the lies about mRNA jabs being functional vaccines.

Though I admired Trump and his efforts while POTUS, his stock is sinking fast as a man who can be trusted to do what is right for the American people.

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  • I am starting to wonder myself. The longer this kabuki theater goes on, the less inclined I am to believe there is anyone in government who isn’t compromised, corrupted, blackmailed or just evil. In a sane world, the “justice” department would be filing charges against every scumbag in Ghislane’s black book and seizing everything they own after a swift trial, conviction and execution. Too bad we live in clown world.

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