Is Covid-19 Novel, Just the Flu, or Mass Psychosis Induced by Governments?

The constant drumbeat by the mainstream media about Covid-19 the Gain of Function Flu (manmade), The GOFF, is wreaking havoc across economies, and most importantly lives and individual freedom. Is this pathogen, this virus, which has been officially named SARS-CoV-2 by the powers that be, just so governments throughout the world can be on the same page with their freedom killing dictates, actually new, novel? I cannot give you an adequate answer to that particular question, but I can tell you that my individual experience with The GOFF was novel.

An individual by the name of Andrew Anglin thinks that The GOFF is simply the flu. An influenza strain, which come around every year, and through the power of propaganda fear of The GOFF has been driven so deeply into the pysche of individuals throughout the world that people can’t think straight, and he states that you’re retarded if you think otherwise. Anglin makes some interesting points, and step by step guides you through internet search parameters to prove his point. He posts this viewpoint at The Unz Review under the heading No, There Is No New Virus. the Flu Was Renamed “Covid-19.”, and it makes for an interesting read, and viewpoint.

Is Anglin correct? I do not know, but I do know that the information feed in regards to The GOFF is definitely weaponized, and could be what is called a Mass Formation Psychosis, which you can read about at American Digest under the heading MASS FORMATION PSYCHOSIS or… mass hypnosis- the madness of crowds by Robert W Malone MD, MS.

I do not know if we the people, us mere citizens of whatever government we live under, will know the truth about Covid-19 The GOFF, as even the “vaccine” make Pfizer wants to hide the data for 75 years, and the United States government will never tell the people the truth.

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