Thoughts on America on Edge

Billy Beck is not as prevalent a presence on the interwebs as he was in the past, neither am I for that matter, but he has a new piece posted atĀ Substack titledĀ The Ratchet of The Tensions that is well worth your time in reading. An excerpt:

I know anger. I know why. I, for one, was never born for the yoke of any commissar’s murderous dream. I hold that no one ever was. With the evil device coming more clearly into sight every hour, I more than ever long for peace. This is not the dank quiet of the cell, or endless accommodation of The People’s Will. I would be a man free among all those able and willing to produce values as a way of life, and I take sole personal outrage at any who would presume to command us.

There can be no peace with them, but only questions on the nature and conduct of the battle dream that they have in their evil hearts. It cannot be ignored, but must be taken up with scrupulously reasoning mind and met first on moral premises, even in these times of mounting political crisis.

Read it all.

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