Is There A Doctor in the House?

I have not been to the doctor since February 2020, which is just before the real madness started in response to Covid-19 The Gain of Function Flu (manmade), The GoFF, so masks were not yet a mandated bit of theater, in fact, that rat Fauci, was saying at that time, that masks were basically useless, nor were jabs available and being pushed as a cure all. That visit, in February 2020, was for a routine physical, and besides being cautioned about my cigar smoking, and borderline high blood pressure (142/80 at the time), all was well.

I had no intention of going to the doctor, or having to go to the doctor, until sometime in the future when the madness of The GoFF had worn off. But, because I was having some issues with my left hand and arm, similar to what I had experienced when I was diagnosed with transverse myelitis in 2009, and was concerned may have resulted from my recent experience with having The GoFF, which you can read about here, if you’re so inclined, I made an appointment. I was very curious about how this appointment would go, because I will not take the jab, will not wear a mask unless forced, and then it’s a red bandana, and consider the majority of proscribed GoFF precautions as simply means of control, with the exception of washing your hands and staying away from sick people. On to the actual doctor visit.

After parking my truck, I walk to the main office entrance, don my red bandana and walk in, expecting a rather crowded check-in area, but that is not the case. There are only 2 other individuals there to see the doctors in that building. There are, though, about 8 staff, and one of them immediately hustles on up with one of those blue paper medical looking masks and says I’ll have to put it on. I comply, very slowly, removing my bandana while broadly smiling at the middle-aged woman with the mask dangling out of her hand, and because she has half-a-dozen other masks in her other hand I ask if I have to wear more than one. She does not respond to my question, but I do see her eyes sort of light up in a friendly way.

So, after donning the blue paper mask, I complete the check-in and head up to the third floor where my doctor has his examining rooms, expecting to see, once again, a somewhat crowded waiting area. Once again, this is not the case. There is only one other person waiting, and they are soon called into the back where the examining rooms are. There is a staff member, in a small open office just to the side of the waiting area, and I note that she is not wearing her mask; it’s dangling below her chin; so I pull my blue paper mask off and pull out a pocket edition of Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations and being to read. The waiting area staff person looks at me, but says nothing.

After reading for maybe 5 minutes or so, seeing no patient leave, or any others arrive, I am called into the examining rooms by Carl, a nursing assistant. I do not don my blue paper mask, and he does not ask me to do so, though he is wearing his, but in a manner that could in no way be effective, even if the masks were effective, which they are not. Carl sets me up in an examining room, takes my blood pressure (132/80), weighs me, and I kid him a bit about his useless mask while this is going on. I can tell Carl’s eyes are smiling, and even elicit a roll of the eyes from him as he exits the exam room and says my doctor will be in shortly, and, surprisingly, my doctor did come in shortly. I didn’t even have time to read a full page of my book.

My doctor, who has been my doctor for 20 plus years and is a rather staid fellow, knocks and walks in. He is wearing the blue paper mask, and that mask is snug against his nose and tight around the chin. He also says nothing about me not having a mask on. After a few obligatory greeting words, he gets down to business and the reason for my visit. After describing to him what was going on with my left hand and arm, and how I am concerned that these problems could be the result of the severity of my GoFF experience, our conversation gets interesting. He asks me if I have been vaccinated. I respond by telling him that these jabs are not vaccines, but rather experimental drugs of rather limited efficacy, which are not fully FDA approved, are in use only because of an emergency authorization, and that those in the medical profession who advocate for individuals to take the jab are accomplices in an evil enterprise. Things got a bit more lively after I told my doctor that. He kept defending the jabs, while I kept pointing out the fallacies of the jabs being designated as vaccines. My doctor also stated that no one would force me to take the jab, but he quickly dropped this line of discussion when I pointed out that he, and all his staff would mandated, forced, to take the jabs. This went on for about 10 minutes, or so, and because we were not going to agree, I finally said I’d like to ask you two questions and then get on with addressing my current medical concerns. He agreed to answer my two questions.

My first question was if he knew what the Great Barrington Declaration was. He did not. My second question was if he was aware of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, and their curating of information on Ivermectin’s effectiveness, and peer reviewed studies of Ivermectin. He was not. I told him that he should look into these two resources, rather than participating in the medical theater and population control which has been the hallmark of governments and medical establishments throughout the world. He did say he would investigate these resources, and I witnessed him dutifully write down the web addresses of both on his visit notes sheet.

The remainder of my exam and time with him was very professional and courteous, and as we wrapped things up, I advised him once again to review the Great Barrington Declaration, and the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance resources. He assured me would.

The best part of this doctor visit, though, was when Carl came back in the exam room to do the required stuff that needed to be done for me to have some blood drawn. When he asked how the visit went, I told him all that had transpired, and he about fell out of his chair when I told him that I had said to the doctor that he was participating in an evil enterprise by advocating for the jabs. Carl’s eyes about bulged out of his head, and he said that I may not want to see my doctor any longer because he advocates for the jab. I told him that would not be the case, but that the doctor may want to lose me as a patient. Carl laughed at that. Additionally, I found out from Carl that the entire medical staff was forced to take the jab to retain their employment, that after his second jab he became seriously ill, and that he would not submit to any additional boosters.

Last but not least, my blood work was available to me for review this morning, and one of the blood tests was for the Sars-CoV2, The GoFF, antibodies. My antibodies are off the charts strong.

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    • Interestingly enough, Julie, my doctor gave me a personal phone call yesterday evening to discuss the full results of my blood work. As we were concluding our conversation, he thanked me, once again, for providing him with links to both the FLCCC and the Great Barrington Declaration. He had not reviewed either, yet, but avowed to me that he would.

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