Died Suddenly

The search term, died suddenly, is in the news because it is trending. I think I know why, but if you’re reading this, you need to figure out why for yourself.

Here are some search results for you to explore.

Google News “Died Suddenly”

Yahoo News “Died Suddenly”

Bing “Died Suddenly”

Note the more common stated reasons for suddenly dying, such as a headache, blood clot, heart attack, etc.

Via Western Rifle Shooters Association, who pointed at a post at The Burning Platform titled They all “died suddenly” just this past week (February 8-14).

I also bring to your attention this, which is a longer read, but a valuable read. Third Letter to My Vaccinated Friend, which I also was pointed to by WRSA.

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  • Almost everyone we know was jabbed at least twice. Not so many got the booster. So far, to my knowledge, none of them (Thank God!!) have had serious side effects, and I pray with all my heart they all remain healthy and unaffected by this thing.

    • Julie, I know many individuals, some family members, who have taken two or more jabs. I pray for their health, and those like them, daily.

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