Don’t Get Lost in God

Only a man obsessed by a false spiritual aspiration wants to be lost in God. A man of true spiritual ambition wants rather to be found in God. Or to put the matter more adequately, the true desire is not oneness with the essence of God (which would involve a disguised desire to become divine and so to indulge in self-worship) but rather for moral harmony with the character of God so that happy and glorious fellowship with God would be possible. The distinction between moral oneness and metaphysical oneness must never for a single moment be forgotten.

Lynn Harold Hough, Patterns of the Mind, Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York and London, 1942, First Edition, pg. 105

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  • Reminds of the concept of spiritual drunkenness. Once it becomes all about feeling a certain way or having a certain experience, it ceases to be about God.

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