Steel Yourselves, Christians

…If evil forces see a possible victory, they will take the risk and release chaos upon the world. Whenever this happens they must be restrained not merely by potential but by actual physical force.

…In the presence of recalcitrant evil the society of Christian good will must turn to steel.

Lynn Harold Hough, Patterns of the Mind, Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York and London, 1942, First Edition, pg. 130

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  • I see another of my ilk who has either been to the Jefferson Monument or knows what is carved there. I actually had to go back and visit it again to get the words right when I put them in my ‘about me.’ I recalled them from my first visit that I recall there from about 1985. My parents lived in Arlington and my mom worked at Smithsonian as a docent for 40 years. I always took the metro down to the Mall whenever I stopped by for a visit. May you, abide with God.

    • Curtis, the last time I visited the Jefferson Monument was in 1982. I was 22 years old. I was disturbed, at that visit, because it seemed neglected. God Bless.

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