Abortion – Does the System Have You By the Ears

Francis Berger has written a post titled¬†Let’s Practice System Distancing: The Abortion Edition, which delves into how the trumpeting of the possibility of overturning of Roe v Wade is sucking you into continuing to support The System, rather than turning your back on The System and denying The System the support it needs to continue to function. Well worth your time (takes maybe 3 minutes to read). From the post:

“The first thing to keep in mind is this — the System issued the communication and made sure news of it was widespread. This implies that the Establishment very much wants everyone to be acutely aware of the “issue” and to participate in the issue via the System in some way by thinking about it, writing about it, arguing about it, raising hopes about it, fighting about it, etc. Moreover, the Establishment wants everyone to “have a position” on the issue. They want people to become personally invested in this latest communication on terms the System dictates. This applies especially to Christians, for whom abortion is a big concern.¬†

Secondly, this newest current thing is a clear example of the System wanting people to listen to what it is saying about this issue here and now and to forget about what it is not saying here and now. And there are many things the System is not talking about these days — the very same things it could not stop talking about mere weeks or months ago.”

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