Big Bang Whimpers

The data from the James Webb Telescope is causing a wee bit of panic amongst astronomers and cosmologists:

“To everyone who sees them, the new James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) images of the cosmos are beautifully awe-inspiring. But to most professional astronomers and cosmologists, they are also extremely surprising—not at all what was predicted by theory. In the flood of technical astronomical papers published online since July 12, the authors report again and again that the images show surprisingly many galaxies, galaxies that are surprisingly smooth, surprisingly small and surprisingly old. Lots of surprises, and not necessarily pleasant ones. One paper’s title begins with the candid exclamation: “Panic!”

Why do the JWST’s images inspire panic among cosmologists? And what theory’s predictions are they contradicting? The papers don’t actually say. The truth that these papers don’t report is that the hypothesis that the JWST’s images are blatantly and repeatedly contradicting is the Big Bang Hypothesis that the universe began 14 billion years ago in an incredibly hot, dense state and has been expanding ever since. Since that hypothesis has been defended for decades as unquestionable truth by the vast majority of cosmological theorists, the new data is causing these theorists to panic.”

Well, the Big Bang is just a theory, just as Darwin’s evolutionary musings remain a theory.

Astronomers looking at Webb: What if the Big Bang didn’t happen?

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  • That’s very interesting. Of all the things I expected to hear/ learn about from this telescope, the idea that it would shake the foundations of our current understanding of the universe in any serious way had not occurred to me.

    • I’d wager the astronomers and cosmologists thought the telescope would solidify their theories. Alas, no. The Creator’s wonders are beautiful and good, and many are beyond our ability to conceive. Many astronomers and cosmologists, having already discarded The Creator, will remain clueless, though they will not admit that their minds are not capable of revealing all.

  • In spite of having “theory” right in the name, both evolutionary theory and the big bang theory are taught and presented as fact. The lack of push back from Christians against this was and is a major failing on our part.

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