Colonoscopy – Well, There Goes That Money Maker

Colonoscopies have been all the medical rage for a number of years, now. Marketed as the be all and end all to colon cancer, colonoscopies have been pushed relentlessly. I’m 62 and have never succumbed to the hype, though my doctor has never quit attempting to get me to submit to have my anal cavity probed.

The main reason I’ve never submitted to this colon probing goes back to 1976 when my father was deathly ill with peritonitis. While in ICU, the head gastroenterologist asked my dad how often he had a bowel movement. My dad’s response was two to three times per day. The gastroenterologist said this to my dad in response, “Well, you’ll never get colon cancer then.” I tell my doctor this anecdote every time he pushes me to get a colonoscopy, and that I follow my dad’s example in bowel movement times per day. Now I’ll hand him this information, too:

In gold-standard trial, colonoscopy fails to reduce rate of cancer deaths

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