True the Vote – Fat Brown Bear vs. 2020 Presidential Election

Stopping by the Smithsonian website this morning, to read about this year’s Katmai National Park Fat Bear Week vote, which evidently was somewhat controversial due to last minute voting, I read this:

Though Holly initially appeared to be the winner, the park reported that she received a high number of suspicious votes late in the voting period, per NPR’s Bill Chappell. “While not unheard of, it is very uncommon for a bear to come back late in the day like that,”’s Candice Rush tells NPR.

To prevent future voter fraud, the online system now has a Captcha test, per NPR. Ultimately, the park threw out several thousand fraudulent ballots and announced that 747 beat Holly in the semi-final by over 7,000 votes, clearing the way for the bear’s legitimate victory and title of 2022’s champion. (bold by ed.)

Funny how a flurry of late votes in election are suspicious when voting for a fat brown bear, and not in an election for president of the United States. Maybe the True the Vote organization can learn something from those counting the votes for Fat Brown Bear week.

Smithsonian article is titled Bear 747 Overcomes Scandal to Win Fat Bear Week.

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