Anniversary +18

Eighteen years ago, on our 12th wedding anniversary, I posted a short note commemorating my life with my Lovely Melis. Eighteen years on, the words I wrote remain true, though I will not state that our years together have been without their challenges. Yesterday evening, at dinner, I asked my Lovely Melis what she most cherishes about our lives together, and she told me that she knows that I always have her 6. I do.

I wrote this about our lives together, at my defunct blog, on November 12, 2004:

I will not state we are soul mates, because we are not.  I will not state that I need the Lovely Melis, because I do not.  What I will state is that the Lovely Melis is an individual whose company I thoroughly enjoy, whose appeal to my senses is still sharp, whose respect I continue to strive for, and whose beauty continues to blossom like a well cellared bottle of red wine.

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