Annie Oakley’s Gravesite

My Lovely Melis and I enjoy driving the old highway systems, nowadays, rather than the interstate highways initiated by Eisenhower. In the 30 plus years we’ve been running to Cincinnati, we’ve only recently begun running down US127, rather than I75. In doing so, we found that part of US127 is referred to as the “Annie Oakley Memorial Pike,” and not far off the pike is Annie Oakley’s gravesite, in Darke County, Ohio. We stopped by yesterday, on the 96th anniversary of her ashes being buried at that spot. The cemetery in which Annie is interred is out in the middle of farmer fields, and it is a rather fine burial spot, with views that stretch across the flatness of the terrain. It was nice to see that her grave does still receive visitors, as there were many tokens left on her gravesite, including coins, spent shotgun shells, and a bullet or two. Here are a few photos. I’ll stop by there again, as there is much to explore beyond Annie’s grave, including men killed in the War of 1812, WWI and WWII. I recommend it.

Front of historical marker.

Rear of historical marker.


Gravesite visitor tokens.

View of cemetery.

Additional view of cemetery.

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  • Beautiful cemetery. We lived in Ohio for several years (first near Lima, then Youngstown), but only went to Cincinnati once and stuck to the freeway. Funny, I don’t remember why we went there (it was last century) but do remember the drive.

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