Vox Day Misinterprets Proverbs 13:22

Vox Day is a fairly intelligent and successful individual, but his hate of so-called Boomers, individuals who just happened to be born between the years 1946 and 1964, leads him into foolishness quite often.

His most recent foolishness in this regard is displayed in a post titled Boomer Shock, wherein he not only derides individuals who just happened to be born between the years 1946 and 1964, but totally misinterprets Proverbs 13, with emphasis in particular on verse 22.

“A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.”

Vox seems to think that Christian parents who were born between the years 1946 and 1964 are obligated by the words of this verse to leave their children money, worldly goods, and if they do not, either intentionally or because they’ve used their earned income to provide for themselves, they are evil.

Perhaps Vox Day should read the entirety of Proverbs 13 to better understand the revelations which have been transmitted to Christians in this Proverb, paying particular attention to the admonitions in verse 3, and in verse 11.

The inheritance which God desires to be left by a good man to his children’s children is a love and fear of God and His Son Jesus Christ, not in worldly goods. In fact, Jesus Christ often reminded believers to lay up their treasures in Heaven, not in worldly goods.

Perhaps Vox Day should stick to building his online comics empire, and stay away from misinterpreting Scripture.

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  • Saw that, and agree with what you wrote.
    Ted practiced that which he sometimes abhors, selective editing. Otherwise known as the well used mass media ploy of taking things out of context to gain a desired effect.

    2 years ago I took him to task about his boomer tirades and shortly thereafter he got rid of the comments section of his blog. The last resort of the desperate min-tyrant.

    At 55-56 years of age he is not that far removed from being a boomer himself yet he still persistently shouts from his self made pedestal his imaginary victimhood by parents that treated him too well.

    The saddest part is all the other “victims” that magnetize themselves to him.

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    • Agreed, Ghostsniper. As an aside and off topic, spent some time down in Mexico Beach, FL, recently, which had been largely leveled by hurricane Michael in October 2018. Amazing amount of new builds already, and it continues. Was able to talk with a couple of builders while there, and learned quite a bit about FL’s building codes, and was able to examine a few roughed in houses and the implements utilized to better secure the homes against high wind damage. Very interesting. And while more and more homes in Mexico Beach are being re-built on pylons, storm surge in a category 5 hurricane is still difficult to contend with. Could not help but think of all the builds you’ve been involved down in FL.

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